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Methodical work

On Preparatory department for foreign citizens much attention is paid to methodical work. Its main goal is to create conditions, promoting efficiency increase and educational quality process. Methodical work represents a complex of the activities aimed to provide educational process with educational and methodical documentation, to increase teachers’ pedagogical skills, to improve students’ classroom work, to improve all forms, types and methods of academic work with regard to modern innovative approaches to the organization of educational activity.

According to the order on 24.09.2015 No. 346, the methodical commission has been created on the bases of Preparatory department. Methodical complexes on the disciplines taught on Preparatory department have been worked out: on Russian, literature, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, history and social science. The textbook on Russian has been put into print, textbooks on mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, history and social science are ready in electronic form.