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Education of foreign students on Government Funded Basis

Admission of foreign applicants on Government-Funded Basis is carried out (paragraph 85 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation’ Order of January 15, 2009 № 4 "On approval of the admission to state-accredited educational institutions of secondary vocational education"):

Budgeting expenses for education of foreign citizens and compatriots living abroad, is carried out by the Federal Executive Bodies that are in charge of educational institutions within the budget allocations, budgeted for the respective fiscal year and planning period for education.


Enrolled foreign citizens and compatriots living abroad are provided with places in dormitories on the same terms as the citizens of our country, studying on Government-Funded Basis.

Besides, the students who came from other countries, being sent to study by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation can get scholarships. It is paid for the entire study period regardless of academic performance.


Insurance deductions to extra-budgetary funds are not levied on scholarships since students do not sign any labor or civil contracts.