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How to us to do

You can enter the KubSAU Preparatory department for foreign citizens willing to study in Russia all the year round. How can you do it?

Obtaining invitation

1. Send an inquiry letter by e-mail ( attaching a completed questionnaire, a scanned passport copy (the page with a photo and data), a scanned copy of education document for preliminary evaluation.

2. After receiving the answer that the invitation letter has been started to form, legalize (nostrificate/apostolate) education document in accordance with the established procedure.

3. After receiving the invitation letter contact the Russian Federation embassy and apply for an entry visa.

Arrival order:

1. You inform in advance about a date and time of arrival to Krasnodar on phone +7(861)221-58-36 ( to the staff of the Preparatory department Olga Semenova).

2. On arrival to Krasnodar you contact by phone +7(861)221-58-36 or +7(928)271-07-76 with the tutor of the Preparatory department Olga Semenova).

3. On the day of arrival you need to come to Preparatory department for foreign citizens office (gidrofak building, room 507). Remind you the adress of the KubSAU: Krasnodar, Kalinina, 13, Preparatory department for foreign citizens.4. You need to have the following documents:

Documents for applying for study at the preparatory Department for foreign citizens:

The following documents are necessary to enter into an agreement on training: