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The campus of the KubSAU consists of twenty hostels. All students of the Preparatory Department of the KubSAU are provided with accommodation in the hostels of the university in a certain order: students of Preparatory Department entering the faculties of the KubSAU are given places in dormitories first of all, other students are settled in vacant places.

In every student`s hostel, according to sanitary standards and rules there are rooms for self-study, psychological relief, restrooms, leisure and internet room, kitchens, washing rooms, laundry places, showers, toilets etc. In hostels also can be organized: gyms, rooms for consumer services and public catering (the dining room, buffet with utility rooms).The living conditions in hostels of the university campus fully meet the sanitary norms and requirements. In order to improve the living conditions of students, the system of student self management is actively working – student councils organize all self-service work. The students can take part in all spheres of life sort out all kinds of problems with the help of the student council in resolving the issues of improving housing and living conditions, including landscaping around the hostel, the organization of educational work and leisure. Educational work is conducted in every hostel. The main attention is paid to ethical and aesthetic education.

So as students who live in hostels are representatives not only of the cities and villages of Krasnodar Region but also citizens of foreign countries, activity of student councils and administration is aimed on multinational student`s collective team building.