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Curatorial work

Educational process is an integral part of training of foreign citizens on Preparatory department and is focused on personality formation, possessing the proper professional level and versatile cultural competence with the focused life-long position and system of social, cultural and professional values. An important part of educational process and formation of personality is the teacher-curator who helps in students’ sociocultural adaptation.

Teachers are both curators of groups and children`s tutors at the same time. They provide not only integration of foreign citizens into educational process but also form culture of international communication, develop tolerant attitude to representatives of other confessions and ethnic groups. The special role is given to civil law education. For this purpose discussions about the legislation of the Russian Federation are conducted, especially about migration policy. To prevent offenses curators visit hostels weekly, conduct talks in the groups about rules of habitation, academic progress and so on. To optimize work each curator made the individual plan of curator work.

Teachers of Preparatory department conduct large out-of-class work: excursions across Krasnodar and Krasnodar Region, museums and theatres visitation, parties and concerts organization, participation in interfaculty events of KubSAU. Collective educational and out-of-class work of students from different countries, communication with Russian students and volunteers of university help to make friends, promote psychological and cultural adaptation.