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Education of foreign students with status of «compatriot»

In accordance with the RF Federal Law "On State Policy of the Russian Federation in respect of compatriots abroad" (FL (Federal Law) dated March 5, 1999, amended on July 2, 2013) "compatriots abroad" (hereinafter - the compatriots) are:

Those Russian compatriots who live abroad and have received secondary (complete) education in the educational institutions of the country of their residence may enroll in Russian universities on an equal footing with the citizens of Russia, subject to submission of documents confirming their status of compatriots. To do this, an applicant must submit:

Types of Entrance Examinations for Applicants-Compatriots:

If the applicant having a right to be entitled according to the results of the entrance examinations conducted by the University itself, presents the results of the USE in corresponding general subjects, the University considers the results of the USE as the results of entrance examinations in such general subjects.

To get an admission to programs of higher professional education in KubSAU compatriot should:

Invitation for entry into the Russian Federation for passing entrance exams and living in Krasnodar should be issued by applicants arriving on visas on their own.
Compatriots have the right to enter the University on the general grounds for foreign citizens.