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Student's Counsil

It’s not a secret years of study is not only lectures, seminars, conferences, but it is also a rich extra-curricular life, life is full of communication, emotions and unforgettable impressions. To organize this life is part of the entire work of university student’s council.

Student’ council is a special form of initiative, independent and responsible social activity of students aimed at solving important questions of students’ life and their social activity development. It is a student government body.

University student’s council consists of faculty student's councils and student’s hostel councils.

Student’s hostel council takes part in all spheres of life in the dorms: the development and strengthening of material-technical base, carrying out of educational work, organization of student’s free time. To keep order there are students on duty in the rooms, units, on the floors in all dorms.

Student’s faculty council deals learning and quality of education issues at the faculty, conducting civil-patriotic and educational work. It is responsible for sports and cultural activities.

Student’s council takes an active part in sports and cultural university life organization, as well as in public life of Krasnodar.

University student’s council organized a public reception for students, where they can apply with their proposals, comments or requests.