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Faculty of Social Professions

Students of our university have a great opportunity to master educational program courses of Social Professions faculty and to reveal their individual talents in various creative teams! They are given certificates.

Working in groups they will be able to assert themselves, to find new friends and to spend free time. Students take part in festivals, celebrations, parades and concerts not only at faculties and university, but also at municipal, regional, national and international levels. The main thing is to show interest and desire.

              Everybody, who want to get additional knowledge are invited for the following courses:                Everybody, who want to fill their free time with active and social activities and participate in various cultural
               activities, are invited creative teams:

Leaders of FOP creative team, in most cases, Kuban State Agrarian University students, who particularly demonstrated organizational ability and creativity in competitions and festivals during preparation at the faculties.

All the information about Social Professions faculty (timetables, information about the possibility to show yourself as a bright personality from the first days at university, about upcoming festivals, competitions and cultural events) can be obtained at the dean’s office of the faculty: Zoological Engineering faculty building, room 254, tel. +7 (861) 221-58-69 and 4-26.