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Rules of migration registration

The procedure of the migration registration consists in notification of the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service (Prikubansky area) on foreign citizen's arrival at the place of residence and it should be completed within seven working days after the arrival of a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation. One should know that all the procedures of the Migration Service are provided by the host country.

Documents necessary for migration registration:

Necessary documents for procurement (extension) of visa:

Visa is issued within 20 days from the date of filing in the documents to Passport and Visa Service. It is recommended to submit documents for visa 30 days before the expiry date of the visa. The inspector gives a certificate stating that the documents have been taken for consideration. After the receiving (extension) of visa it is necessary to put a foreign citizens on migration registration.

Necessary documents for registration of the invitation to study at KubSAU (for visa countries):

5 days prior to arrival in Russia it is necessary to report (in writing or by telephone) to the Department of International Relations the arrival time, flight number (to prepare a registration letter for the airport with confirmation of invitation (if required) and to provide a place in a hostel (if required).

Within 3 days after crossing the state border of the Russian Federation and arrival in Krasnodar a foreign citizen has to come to the International Relations Department to process registration.